Writing wellness content for print and digital has been an absolute blast. I love having conversations with inspiring people and sharing their stories and wisdom with others. Below is a sampling of my clips. I hope you enjoy and learn something new.


The Best Plain Nonfat Yogurts_WW

The Best Plain Nonfat Yogurts, WW.com

Food Flops_WW

Food Flops, WW magazine

Chef Alex Guarnaschelli

Q&A with Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, WW.com

15 Food Hacks that Will Change the Way You Cook_WW

15 Food Hacks that Will Change the Way You Cook, WW.com

10 snacks to stash at your desk_WW

10 Snacks to Stash at Your Desk, WW.com

Play it Cool_WW

Play it Cool, WW magazine

Healthy Living


The Best Healthy Gifts, Verywell Fit

Gifts that Give Back_WW

Gifts that Give Back, WW magazine

12 Gadgets for a Healthy First Kitchen_WW

12 Gadgets for a Healthy First Kitchen, WW.com

Own the Open Road_WW

Own the Open Road, WW magazine

Sneaky Ways to Fit in ‘Me’ Time_WW

Sneaky Ways to Fit in ‘Me’ Time, WW.com

Weather the Summer Storm (of Snacking)_WW

Weather the Summer Storm (of Snacking), WW magazine


Fit and Fabulous_WW

Fit and Fabulous, WW magazine

Tim Gunn

Q&A with Tim Gunn, WW.com

Bombshell on the Beach_WW

Bombshell on the Beach, WW magazine

Inspirational stories

I Found Adventure_WW

I Found Adventure, WW magazine

Member Spotlight_Lisa an Jazzy_WW

Member Spotlight: Lisa and Jazzie, WW magazine

Member Spotlight_Priyanka_WW

Member Spotlight: Priyanka, WW magazine

I Found a Competitor_WW

I Found a Competitor, WW magazine

The Ripple Effect_WW

The Ripple Effect, WW magazine

Member Spotlight_Kyle_WW

Member Spotlight: Kyle, WW magazine

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